And we’re live. Hello, thanks for joining me on today’s live video. Today I’m looking at an area which most people overlook when it comes to a thriving life. I know I did. I knew this area was important, but it’s one that I hadn’t considered, that if you ignored it could lead to stress. So keep watching to find out what it is.

Hi, my name is Chris Lindsay, and in recent videos I’ve been discussing key areas about how to reduce stress in your life, and get out of survival mode. These include the things like getting enough sleep, nutrition, getting out into nature, exercising and last week, high environment trumps willpower.

Discovering your core values

This week I’ve been on a group coaching call, where one activity was to write down my top core values. I actually can’t think the last time I did this, but it was something that I really enjoyed and it was really beneficial and useful.

Values reveal what’s important to you. Everyone has them, but if I was to ask you what your core values are, you either might struggle to think of them on the spot, or if you did list out values, if you then spent some time looking into it, you might actually find that those values may not align with what your core values actually are. These could be values that you might have inherited from, for example, parents or friends, or society in general. That’s not to say those values are bad, it’s just ones that you don’t necessarily hold.

What’s important to you?

A good question to ask when it comes to looking at your values, or finding out what the core ones are is, “What’s important to you?”

If you spend a little time Googling “list core values”, you’ll find lists with 200 personal values, or 500 examples. Then if you spent time going through those lists, writing out what you found were your core values, you might actually discover a list of 10, 20 or 30. Trying to distill this longer list down to a more manageable one is not easy. I spent a good part of my time this week discovering and distill my list down.

The other thing to consider is you should do this regularly, because your values might evolve or change over time, so it’s something that’s definitely worth revisiting.

I found my core values are health, growth, resilience, serving, courage and empathy.

Values aren’t selected; they’re discovered. We don’t choose our values. Our values reveal themselves to us. - Scott Jeffrey

You’ll also find a guy online called Scott Jeffrey, who is an expert in this area, and he says that values aren’t selected. You can’t necessarily just go to the list and just list down values, which you think are core, because that’s not necessarily the best way. It’s something that you need to discover. We can’t necessarily just choose our values, we need to allow them to be revealed. They need to be revealed to us over time.

I advice spending time journaling, thinking about the past, about jobs or experiences which made you felt aligned, and what those values that you could think were linked with that. Maybe jobs which didn’t align with your values, so you can get the idea of values which you know are definitely not aligned with you and then ones that are, to try and distill that list down.

It can be something that can take a little time. You might write a longer list, then just let those sit for a day or two, then return to them and see how they feel. You have to reduce that list down.

It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are. - Roy Disney

Benefits of knowing and living your core values

Researchers at UCLA discovered that focusing on your core values can actually reduce your stress response, and help it to remain low. Focusing on your values helps to remind you what you find important, and helps to put stressful environments and situations into perspective. Knowing your values helps to put stressful situations into perspective, which I think is pretty powerful.

Your highest values can inspire you to make healthy habits.

They help you make better choices in business and personal life.

It can help you with problem solving as well. Researchers found that test subjects in a stressful situation, when they asked them to spend a couple of minutes writing down a few sentences based around their core values, it actually helped them to solves problem under stress. They were able to think more clearly.

Finally, knowing and acting upon your values can make you more confident.

Those are a few things that I think help to establish that spending some time discovering what your core values are is time well spent, and definitely worthwhile.

Questions or guidance on discovering your core values?

If you’ve got any questions around establishing what your core values are, please respond in the comments below with your questions. if you do discover what your core values are then please do share those. I’ll be definitely keen to see, and others might be keen to see too, so we can have a discussion around our core values. Whether it’s trying to establish them, and they can provide different purspe. Just share what your core values are, so it can be interesting for them to see. Again, thanks for spending the time on this video, and I look forward to talking to you again next week. Take care.

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“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced daily.” ~ Jim Rohn

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