Could making your bed make you more successful or happier?

I’ve been making my bed when I get up in the morning for, I don’t know, years probably. I remember watching a video quite recently when a Navy SEAL Admiral, talked about the benefits of making your bed. And that it set you up for success for the day. I thought I’d look into what the research was behind making your bed.

There was a survey, of 68,000 people. Of those surveyed, 27% made their bed, so, people who make their bed seem to be in the minority. 59% did not make their bed, and 12% paid someone else like a housekeeper to make their bed.

Interestingly enough of the bed makers, 71% considered themselves to be happier. Of the non-bed makers, when asked, they admitted to being less happy. The survey also showed that people who made their bed were likely to be happier in their job exercised more, felt more rested, and generally happier, and more successful. Of those who did not make their bed they were considered to be less happy in their jobs, and generally less successful.

That’s not to say people who don’t make their beds are unsuccessful or unhappy, but it seems that there’s quite a high correlation based on this survey for those who spend 30 seconds in the morning making their bed are more productive and less stressed.

Even if you do have a bad day, you’re going to come home to your made bed. As I said before, Navy SEALs do this so there must be soemthing to it. If you don’t make your bed in SEAL training, you get beasted. They are making sure you don’t forget to make your bed!

If you’re not making your bed and you’re not necessarily 100% convinced by the survey and you say, “How can making your bed make you more successful and happier?”, the way I see it is if you’re in doubt for the 30 seconds it takes to make your bed, it’s worth doing it.

It does seem that making your bed, based on this survey of 68,000 people can make you happier and more successful.

My suggestion is, spend those 30 seconds in the morning making your bed, set yourself up for success. One task successfully completed has the potential to lead to more tasks completed and make you feel more motivated through the day. That’s really all I really wanted to share with you this week and I will talk to you again next week.

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“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced daily.” ~ Jim Rohn

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