Hi, guys, thanks for joining me on today’s live. Today I want to talk about the weather. Well, I don’t want to talk about the weather. We love complaining about the weather. I want to talk about complaining. As humans, we love to complain. About the weather, about the traffic, about the weather, again. Probably about the weather most days, whether it’s sunny or not sunny or wet or cold or however it might be. Often we can complain without even being aware we’re doing it. I think the weather is a great example of that. Because we do it too often, our brains make it so easy for us to complain. This is true of any habit we create. Because it makes it so easy, it’s often the first thought we have. Positive thoughts really don’t have a chance, as the negative one gets there first.

Jim Rohn has a great quote about this.

“Our lives are mostly affected by the way we think things are, not the way they are.”

The key word and that is ‘think’. How we think is so vital to everything really. Whether our thoughts are positive or negative, pretty much everything we think about.

NLP talks about creating a map of reality. How we see things out there. How we think things are in reality, is not actually how they are, it’s just our view of the world. If you had rose-tinted glasses, you would see everything through rose-tinted glasses. We think of that as seeing things positively or having a positive outlook. Our thoughts and how we think can impact us massively beyond how you might ever imagine they would. Yes, I joked at the start of complaining about the weather. If we complain about it being too windy or too sunny or too wet or too cold. Yes, that’s complaining, fair enough, but it’s only the weather, right. I think things can become a habit and those negative thoughts are the first thing we think about has a powerful impact on our health and how we feel about ourselves and how we view the world out there in general.

Our brains can become magnetized to the dominating thoughts, which we think about and those things we hold in our mind. We attract things to us, people and circumstances which match those dominating thoughts. If we have a lot of negative thoughts or complaining a lot, then maybe we’ll attract, or we already have people around us who are negative. If we have a positive outlook on life and always being positive then we’re more likely to attract positive people. Or maybe that’s because we have positive people around us.

Watching what we think about and being aware that how we think impacts how we are and how we feel and our lives in general, it’s so important to be careful about complaining. Even if it’s just about the weather. I’ve found recently, cycling, I have been very conscious over the last while that when a situation occurs, how I react to that situation can impact how I feel. Make me upset or angry, I then miss out on all the positive as a result. just because a motorist or someone else that I interact with do something and I react to it in a negative way.

I’ve been focusing recently in the last few weeks on maintaining positivity. When something happens, which impacts me, I can choose how I react to that situation. That thought enters my head and becomes a reaction or action. How I then choose to act. How I choose to see that situation and separate myself from it. Yes, a thought might enter that person jumped a red light or cut me up. If I’ve created that separation between thought and reaction, that gives me a chance to choose not to react negatively. As a result not allow it to negatively impact me.

The next time someone mentions the weather or you’re tempted in a conversation when you can’t think of anything else to talk about. Complain about, “Oh, it’s really wet today,” or “It’s really windy,” or “Isn’t it really hot today?” Take a moment between that thought, and you’re actually saying something, to allow yourself to, turn it into a positive.

Yes, it’s raining but isn’t that great. It gives the plants an opportunity to grow more because they need water. Or if it’s sunny, isn’t that great because you get a sun-tan and I can wear shorts today or whatever it might be, just find the positive in the situation. Ultimately, between the thought and the reaction, try to create some separation. What’s key to that is being aware. You need to be present in that moment when it happens if you’re distracted, and then suddenly someone does something, and I find this personally when I’m cycling, someone cuts you up.

If you’re not consciously aware and present in that moment, and with your thinking brain as opposed to your emotional brain, you’ll react in a negative way because that’s the reflex. When you become present in the situation, when you’re cycling or whatever it is you’re doing, when something does happen, you’re able to catch the thought, create separation.

When you do react, it’s in a positive way or even just choosing not to react. That can be positive as well. anyway.

Next time, you’re tempted to mention the weather in a negative way, isn’t it wet today? isn’t it too sunny or too cold, take a moment between the thought and the action or the reaction saying something, and then into your positive? The more positive thoughts you have will change your outlook in life, from negative to positive. It might be a minor thing, something we don’t think is important but how we think becomes how we are. In our lives or how we see our lives.

With negative thoughts, we’ll see things negatively. If predominately we have positive then we attract more positivity towards us.

Thanks for watching, as always. I’ll talk to you again next week.

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