Hi, guys, thanks four joining me today on my live video. Today I’m talking about it’s better to be kind than right. It seems that being right is almost like the natural reaction these days, always wanting to be right and show other people the error of their ways at almost all cost regardless of how it makes them feel or look. Social media seems to be good at making it so easy four us to be right and show the people how wrong they are regardless of how that situation might turn out. I think the internet, in general, seems to have a lot of that.

Ryan Holiday

I read an article recently by Ryan Holiday called

It’s not enough to be right, also need to be kind.

That challenged me a lot and got me thinking especially when it comes to my commute to and from the office, cycling and running, and then interacting with other road users. I know in certain situations something can happen and fly off the handle. Someone runs a red light or stops their car in the bike box in front of the traffic lights or parks in a cycle lane or something and before I know it, I’m just showing them the error of their ways and by what they’ve done is wrong.

That doesn’t necessarily helpful, lead to anything positive. It ultimately leads to me arriving at home or the office stressed out, angry or upset. I decided based on reading this article to choose to see things differently and react differently, to choosing to be kind and see how that helps to improve my commute. I know often I can start off cycling and run into the office and I love doing it because it makes me feel relaxed, free and helps me unwind and de-stress I might have.

Then I see someone run a red light or do something silly and before I know it, I’voe reacted and got myself wound up, stressed and it doesn’t end well four anyone. In those situations when you might decide whether someone has run their red light four whatever reason and is in the wrong. I don’t know, they could have perfectly good reasons for four running the red light. They could be late. Who knows? I see many cyclists running red lights as well, it’s not just motorists, everyone is guilty. You might have taken it personally, I just happened to be there in that situation and saw it happen.

I have no reason or right to take these things personally either. Because I see things differently and choose not to react and be kind even when you know that person’s definitely in the wrong. Be kind in that situation and give someone the benefit of the doubt and not to react. I think it’s positive because then ultimately allows me to arrive home or the office and feeling happier and be stressed and yet feeling in a positive mood.

But what if you ARE right?

A couple of last thoughts before I finish up today, I’m sure you might say,

“I can give you a list of situations where I know the person is definitely in the wrong and I’m in the right and I’m going to make sure they know it.”

I’m sure those situations exist and things can seen black and white and obvious why you might be in the right. I think even those situations, I think choosing to be kind even though you know you’re right is definitely the right choice in that situation.

Be kind to yourself

I also know that there are times when I get triggered still and react to a situation even though I’m starting out from the perspective of wanting to be kind and before I know it I’ve gone off the handle and reacted and ended up upset, whatever it might be. Even those situations, I think it’s important to remind yourself to be kind to yourself in those situations too. I think ultimately whether you think you’re right or wrong, I think starting to be kind of have that as your main focus or desire in all situations is going to be positive whether it’s cycling, tweeting online, social media, face-to-face interactions.

Final Thoughts

That’s my thought four this week. That’s been on my mind four a couple of weeks now. I’ve been in situations this week where I saw a driver drive into the bike box at the traffic lights and wanted to react. I did reacted in one situation where I felt a bit guilty because I think it was a mother who’d been stressed out possibly and hadn’t meant to stop in the box, driving her kids home from school maybe and I felt bad.

I think ultimately, not judging the situation or trying to say, “Well, you know why the person did that.” Is just to be kind whether you think you’re right or wrong I think is the right way to go. Anyway, I’m rambling on. Thanks to four watching this week’s video and any comments, feedback or questions, as always leave them in the comments, I will come back to you. If you enjoy these videos then I encourage you to join my Facebook group, Unstuck and Thriving. As always, I will speak to you again next week.

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